Proficiency Services

Proficiency services focus on providing solutions to experience specific job search needs

The objectives of Proficiency Services are to offer the job search candidates several different tools that they can use in order to understand how their resume is being reviewed by the key players of job search process such as Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Tech Leads based on some specialty cases such as (a) experience level, (b) specialty of skillset, (c) job titles and so on.

Dialogue Identity Staircase Dialect Bandwidth Strategy


Master Your Interview

Dialogue services are created in order to provide with 360 degree solutions for your upcoming technical and non-technical interview in any sized IT company. We take a copy of your most uptodate resume and analysis your overall profile, then we decide which are the question most likely to face.

Key features

  • Pricing of the Dialogue services is reasonable. Our objective is to provide the job applicants with the best possible toolskeep the services within the reach of job search candidates from different walks of life such as student, currently unemployed, or on duty people.
  • Dialogue services are quickly deliverable. We work round the clock, across the globe in oder to make sure that we can deliver our customer orders as quickly as possible so that they do not have to think about clock and calendar.
  • Dialogue services offer a wide range of solutions. Our objective is to make sure that our services are applicable and equally effective to various scenarios with a view to help remove the bottlenecks of a job search journey.

Use cases

  • Who are looking for job in several IT positions such as Software Enginner, Mobile Application Developer, Systems Engineer, Database Administrator and many more.
  • Job search candidate who is preparing for an upcoming technical phone interview, face to face interview, video interview

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Know Your Language

Dialect services are designed to meet a job seeker's career need when they seek for a job that focuses on Programming Language skillset. Programming skills based jobs such as Java Developer or C# Developer require their unique aspects in this country.

Key features

  • Dialect services helps identify the loopholes in a resume when that is being reviewed aganist a position that requires profound skiils in Programming Languages such as Python, Java, c/c++ and so on.
  • Dialect services helps identify the loopholes in a resume when that is being reviewed aganist a position that requires profound skiils in Programming Language based frameworks such as Java Hibernet, Java Spring Boot, Python Django and so on.
  • Dialect services helps identify the loopholes in a resume when that is being reviewed aganist a position that requires profound skiils in Cloud Technologies such as AWS, Google, and Azure.

Use cases

  • It is quite possible that a customer may overlook the service he or she needs offered by Exp180 services. For many reasons, they may fail to choose the suitable service from Exp180 service list.
  • When a job search candidate runs out of options from the Exp180 service list, he or she needs to submit an Adhoc service request.

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Leverage Your Boundary

Bandwidth services are crafted to cater to the specific requirements of job seekers whose employment terms and conditions are closely regulated by work authorization permissions granted by the U.S. government.


The job search process for non-immigrant visa holders presents distinct challenges compared to that of U.S. citizens. Several factors contribute to this difference, including limited visa sponsorship opportunities from companies, legal restrictions on standard weekly work hours under CPT visas, stringent rules and regulations for H1B visa holders, and more.

Key features

  • Bandwidth services helps identify the loopholes in a resume that could be critical when it is being reviewed by a Hiring Manager.
  • Bandwidth services helps identify the skillgaps of an applicant that could cost him/her to be selected for the next round in the job search process
  • Bandwidth services helps specific solutions to different visa categories. For example, the resume of a candidate with OPT visa is not being reviewed by the identical way to a resume of a candidate with H1B visa and vice versa.
  • Bandwidth services offers personalized services that offer solutions to the challenges imposed by different visa categories such as CPT, OPT, and H1B.

Use cases

  • Job applicants who are college students, currently studying in USA universities, with F1 visa status and looking for a suitable job to establish their career in IT field
  • Job applicants who are graduated recently from USA universities with F1 visa and looking for an a part time job and/or internship
  • Job applicants who are currently employed with H1B visa status at a US company

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Upgrade Your Level

Staircase Services are designed to help professionals aspiring to move up the career ladder and transition from their current role to a higher-level position, necessitating a strategic resume overhaul.


The job search process varies significantly as candidates aim to progress to higher levels, transitioning from roles such as Intern to Junior Level, Junior to Mid Level, and beyond. A recent graduate seeking an internship necessitates an entirely distinct set of preparation and strategies compared to those employed by a seasoned professional.

Key features

  • Ensure that the resume is optimized with relevant keywords to align with industry standards and specific job descriptions, increasing its chances of passing through automated applicant tracking systems.
  • Evaluate the content's relevance to the targeted position, offering suggestions to emphasize achievements, skills, and experiences that align with the desired career progression.
  • Provide feedback on the overall format and structure of the resume, including recommendations on how to improve readability, clarity, and visual appeal.
  • Analyze the language and tone of the resume to ensure it aligns with professional standards and is tailored to the industry, reflecting a confident and professional image.
  • Provide insights into industry-specific trends and expectations, helping users tailor their resumes to current standards within their field.
  • Offer personalized action plans or recommendations based on the analysis, guiding users on how to implement suggested changes and improve their overall resume quality.

Use cases

Staircase services can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals across various career stages and industries. Here are some use cases illustrating who might benefit from such a service.

  • Individuals actively searching for new job opportunities can use the service to optimize their resumes and increase their chances of standing out to potential employers.
  • Professionals looking to transition into a different industry can leverage the service to tailor their resumes and highlight transferable skills relevant to their new career path.
  • Graduates entering the job market for the first time can receive valuable feedback on crafting a compelling resume that showcases their education, skills, and any relevant internships or projects.
  • Seasoned professionals seeking career advancement or exploring new opportunities can refine their resumes to reflect their extensive experience and leadership achievements.
  • Professionals looking for internal promotions or lateral moves within their current organization can use the service to ensure their resumes position them as ideal candidates for higher-level roles.
  • Those applying to graduate programs or specialized courses can benefit from a resume analysis to create compelling application materials that showcase their academic achievements and relevant experiences.

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Rebrand Your Identity

Identity services cater to individuals undergoing transitions to job positions that diverge from their established career background, whether by a slight shift or a substantial change.

Key features

  • Transferable Skills Assessment: Evaluate and highlight transferable skills that are applicable to the new job position, helping users emphasize relevant capabilities.
  • Keyword Optimization for Diverse Roles: Ensure the resume is optimized with keywords associated with both the user's career background and the targeted job position, increasing visibility to diverse hiring managers.
  • Customized Career Path Recommendations: Provide tailored recommendations for shaping the resume based on the user's unique career trajectory and the specific requirements of the intended job position.
  • Customized Career Path Recommendations: Provide tailored recommendations for shaping the resume based on the user's unique career trajectory and the specific requirements of the intended job position.
  • Role-Specific Content Emphasis: Offer insights on how to adjust content emphasis to align with the expectations of hiring managers for the new position, showcasing relevant experiences and achievements.
  • Industry Transition Insights: Provide guidance on navigating industry transitions by emphasizing adaptable skills and experiences valued in the new sector.
  • Cross-Industry Benchmarking: Compare the user's resume against successful resumes from diverse industries, offering insights into best practices and successful transition strategies.
  • Language Adaptation for Job Titles: Assist users in adapting their language and terminology to match the expectations of hiring managers in different industries, ensuring clarity and relevance.

Use cases

  • Career Changers: Individuals looking to transition into a different industry or role and needing guidance on reshaping their resumes to emphasize transferable skills.
  • Industry Switchers: Those seeking opportunities in industries vastly different from their current background and requiring a resume that effectively communicates their adaptability and relevant skills.
  • Returning Professionals: Individuals returning to the workforce after a career break, aiming to reposition their resumes to align with their past experiences while addressing any gaps.
  • Freelancers or Contractors Transitioning to Full-Time Roles: Freelancers or contractors looking to transition into permanent full-time positions, needing assistance in presenting their diverse project experiences cohesively.
  • Entrepreneurs Shifting to Traditional Employment: Entrepreneurs or business owners considering a move to traditional employment and needing support in translating their entrepreneurial achievements into a corporate-friendly resume.
  • Professionals Pursuing Passion Projects: Those who have pursued passion projects alongside their primary career and now seek opportunities aligned with these personal interests, requiring a tailored resume that bridges both aspects.
  • Professionals Seeking Leadership Roles: Aspiring leaders looking to transition into leadership positions and needing a resume that showcases their leadership capabilities and strategic contributions.

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Plan Ahead

Strategy services excel in promptly delivering insights into the US job market for job seekers by meticulously analyzing their profiles.

Key features

  • Rapid Market Insights: The profile analysis service offers swift and accurate insights into the dynamic US job market, providing job seekers with up-to-date information relevant to their career goals.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Meticulous profile analysis results in personalized recommendations, guiding job seekers on strategic adjustments to enhance their profiles for specific roles and industries.
  • Industry-Relevant Feedback: The service specializes in providing industry-specific feedback, ensuring that job seekers receive targeted insights aligned with the nuances of their chosen fields.
  • Real-time Job Trends: Leveraging real-time data, the service keeps job seekers informed about emerging job trends, enabling them to align their profiles with the current demands of the US job market.
  • Competitive Analysis: Job seekers receive a comprehensive competitive analysis, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement compared to industry benchmarks, fostering a competitive edge in their job search.

Use cases

  • Recent Graduates Seeking Direction: Recent graduates looking to gain clarity on the most promising career paths and receiving tailored recommendations to optimize their profiles for entry-level opportunities.
  • Mid-Career Professionals Exploring New Industries: Mid-career professionals considering a transition to a different industry, leveraging the service to analyze their profiles and receive insights on aligning their skills with the requirements of a new field.
  • Job Seekers Returning to the Workforce: Individuals returning to the workforce after a hiatus, using the service to understand current market trends and tailoring their profiles to highlight relevant experiences for a successful re-entry.
  • Experienced Professionals Eyeing Executive Roles: Seasoned professionals aiming for executive roles, seeking a comprehensive profile analysis to strategically position themselves for leadership opportunities within their industries.
  • Freelancers Transitioning to Full-Time Employment: Freelancers or independent contractors looking to transition to full-time employment, utilizing the service to analyze and enhance their profiles for a smooth shift into traditional job roles.
  • Global Professionals Targeting the US Job Market: Professionals from around the world targeting the US job market, relying on the service to gain insights into industry-specific expectations and tailor their profiles accordingly.

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