Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is designed to provide quick and comprehensive answers, empowering you with the information needed to navigate seamlessly through your queries and make informed decisions.

In this section we will briefly learn about several Frequently Asked Questions about several key components of Resumenalyzer Platform

User Account

Questions about account registration

How do I reset my password?

Security credentials

You can reset your password by clicking on 'Change Password', which triggers an email response to you. Click on the link provided and it will lead you to the Password Reset Page where you can type in the new password.

You cannot change your eamil account once you have registered. You can however delete the current account and register a new with a different account. Should you have submitted any documents, after registration in the new account, you will have to re-submit those documents.

Is there any monthly or yearly fee for registration or membership ?

Membership is Free

Membership is absolutely free – sign up for an account at no cost, and rest assured, your account will stay active until you decide to cancel it.

My Orders

Questions about purchases/orders

How do I check my order information ?

Register, and make purchase for better experience

You can find Help Center at the bottom of our website on the right coloumn. Click on 'Check Order Status' and type in your Order ID and it will show you your order status. This page not only shows your pruchased services, but also their delivery dates and condition. For multiple order sets, check your personal dashboard by pointing on 'My Account' at the upper right section and clicking 'My Dashboard'. You can also check the email you received on any purchase since they contain the same information.

You have access to your personal dashboard as long as you are registered with us. We shall keep the history of your orders and transactions for any future references.

Changing any order is not available. Registered users can cancel order within the grace period and place different orders.

You can file a dispute by going to your personal dashboard and clicking 'File A Dispute'. Type in your Order Id and fill up the dispute form. we shall reach you with in 4 working days. You can check our Refund Policy for further queries.

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