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Here is a list of all Products and Solutions that Resumenalyzer offers. Read about their opening statement, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


The objectives of Universal Services are to offer the job search candidates a set of tools that they can use in order to identity (a) the most common issues in resume, (b) the most critical skillgap they may have in their profile.


The objectives of Proficiency Services are to offer the job search candidates several different tools that they can use in order to understand how their resume is being reviewed by the key players of job search process such as Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Tech Leads based on some specialty cases such as (a) experience level, (b) specialty of skillset, (c) job titles and so on.

Universal Services

Our Universal services are created to serve generic purpose needs of the job search candidates


Exp180 Services

Our signature service line referred to as Exp180 will help revolutionize the way job search candidates prepare their resume and overall profile according to the demand of the current industry standard


Adhoc Service

If a job seeker discovers that the services provided by Exp180 do not fully address their specific needs, we encourage them to complete a form. This form is designed to assist us in tailoring and developing a customized service that aligns with the individual requirements of the candidate. Your input is valuable, and this process allows us to better understand and cater to your unique job search needs.

Proficiency Services

Our Proficiency services are based on the concept of "specialization" in mind. Through these services we aim to empower our candidates with best of its kinds tools to need to advance in their career


Identity Services

Individuals in pursuit of a career shift or aiming for the coveted corner office will find immense value in Identity's services. Our offerings are designed to meticulously identify both major and minor issues, providing invaluable insights for those seeking professional growth.


Dialogue Services

Welcome to our specialized service tailored for job seekers seeking expert guidance for their upcoming interviews. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes the identification of Technical Questions, Behavioral Questions, Interview Tips and Tricks, and much more. We are committed to equipping you with the tools and insights needed to excel in every aspect of your job interview process.


Dialect Services

Our service is meticulously crafted to address the specific challenges encountered by applicants with programming expertise in distinct skill sets and varying experience levels. We tailor our support to precisely target and resolve the unique issues faced by individuals with diverse technical backgrounds and career experiences.


Staircase Services

Staircase services help you learn, update, and upgrade how you can utilize the power experience level in order to earn more interviews and ultimately landing a job.


Bandwidth Services

The most sophisticated service ever created to serve the crucial needs of the special category of the job search candidates who are in non-immigrant visas in the United States.


Strategy Services

When faced with a roadblock in navigating the intricacies of application procedures, our strategic services are here to guide you. We'll steer you in the right direction, aiding in decision-making for your next steps.

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