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Confidently pass initial
Six-second Threshold

Improve the performace of your resume by updating its layout and contents so that the initial screener cannot through it out within Six seconds

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Redefine Your Presentation

Generally speaking, our resume faces some common challenges as it must pass initial 6-second threshold regardless of the position heirarchy or the company type when we apply for a job.

Exp180 is a general purpose resume analysis service that helps candidates modify and update their resume in a way that it can hold its merit to the key players of the job search market such as Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and Tech Lead.

Objective of this service is to help candidates like yourself present your resume to the hiring team in the most accurate way possible so that they can consider your profile to be selected for the next step in the hiring process.

Built for simplicity and accuracy

Exp180 services are so simple that choosing service is no brainer for a candidate with any experience level

Built with customization in mind

Almost all services of Exp180 are easily customizable when placing an order which gives greater flexibility to the candidates

Built for express delivery

Almost all services of Exp180 offer customizable order delivery timeline so that candidate's demand are met in time


Exp180:: Key Influences

With help of Exp180 services your profile should see the following impacts at different levels of your job search process

Recruiter's Interaction

Gain 60%-65% increase in possibility that recruiters will pay deep attention to your resume, and most likely will select it for next level of consideration

Increase your chance by upto 60% of getting a phone call interview from a recruiter comparing to other candidates in the same category when an application is submitted through online job boards

Hiring Manager's Desk

8 out of 10 hiring managers will pay deep attention on your resume and will select your resume for next level of consideration

Increase your chance by upto 70% to land the 1st round of technical interview from the hiring manager or tech lead

Tech Lead's Consideration

80%-85% guarantee that a Tech Lead will spend more than 8 seconds reading your resume, and most likely select your resume for an initial technical screening

Exp180:: User Groups

Exp180 services are purposefully designed to cater the distinct needs of various user groups among the US job market including but not limited to the following

Applicants struggling to grab recruter's first attention

Job applicants who are struggling to get noticed by the proper recruiters, hiring managers or Tech Leads

Applicants often encounter a lack of response following the submission of their job applications

Job applicants who receive no response after they submit their resume in online job platforms

Applicants who are not confident about the presentation of their resume

Job applicants who receive no response after they submit their resume in online job platforms
Exp180 Services

Get feedback on your resume by

  • Not sure if your resume will pass 6-second evaluation test by recruiters ?

  • Experiencing a lack of responses despite submitting numerous applications to open job positions with your current resume ?

  • Not receiving any interview requests from hiring managers despite submitting applications to various open positions ?

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Our target is to empower job search candidates in a way that they can take control of their job search process.


Our services are meticulously crafted to empower job search candidates, allowing them to seamlessly translate our recommendations and suggestions into actionable steps swiftly and effectively.


We are committed to ensuring the success of job search candidates throughout their job search journey.

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We cannot make much progress in the job search process until or unless we have a resume that matches the demands of global standards. Without having a resume that is considered as "widely accepted", it's difficult to make progress. We are here to help you tackle such issues in your job search process.



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