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Bandwidth is a specialty purpose resume analysis service that aims to improve the quality of a candidate's profile while the candidate is under the restrictions of non-immigrant USA work visas such as CPT, OPT, H1B

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How it works

In this section, we will learn how resumenalyzer works in order to process your orders related to Bandwidth Services. Although the process varies for each service and its service options, there is a standardized process we follow for each product line as each product line imposes some uniqueness in some aspects of the task order.

Step 1: Initial Processing

Your acquired service will be promptly delivered to your registered email account directly from our server. Kindly note that dashboard facilities are not available for this service, as they require a separate registration process. Rest assured, our focus remains on delivering your service efficiently via email to ensure a streamlined and accessible experience for you.

Step 2: Order Processing

Upon receiving the green light to proceed with your order, we initiate the fulfillment process following a systematic sequence.

  • Your order is meticulously placed in our task management system, adhering to the chronological order in which we receive your work order.
  • Our analysis engine kicks into action, prioritizing the fulfillment of core service tasks.
  • Upon the completion of the core service task, our analysis engine seamlessly transitions to addressing any specified service options outlined in your task order.
  • Following a successful purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing a Tracking ID for each item in your order.
  • This structured approach ensures the efficient and organized fulfillment of your order, providing clarity and transparency at each step of the process.

Step 3: Final Check

In this procedural step, we initiate a meticulous process upon receiving your order. The evaluation of your resume is conducted through a comprehensive analysis method that combines technical systems and human expertise. To ensure the robustness of our analytical procedure, tailored to the specific service you've selected, we scrutinize every component of your resume. This exhaustive examination guarantees the integrity and thoroughness of our assessment process.