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User Groups

  • Current students with F1 visa status majoring in CS, IT related subjects
  • Newly graduate students with F1 visa status majoring in CS, IT related subjects
  • Current H1B visa holders
  • Upcoming H1B visa holders

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Use Cases

In this section, we discuss about the most common use cases of Bandwidth Services. Although the most common use cases of bandwidth are listed below, this is to clarify the use cases of this Service Line are not only limited to the ones mentioned below.

International Students on OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Students seeking employment opportunities during their OPT period can benefit from tailored support in navigating the US job market.

Recent Graduates and Alumni

Graduates who have completed their studies and are transitioning to the workforce can receive guidance on initiating a successful job search.

H1B Visa Holders Seeking New Opportunities

Professionals currently on H1B visas looking to explore new job opportunities or transition to different roles within the USA

Recent H1B Visa Recipients

Individuals who have recently obtained H1B visas and are navigating the job market for suitable employment opportunities.

Individuals Facing Visa Renewal or Transfer

H1B visa holders in need of support when renewing or transferring their visas, including navigating the complexities of the visa process.